Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blatant catch-all post

  • On Friday night, Spyder was climbing the tree (as usual) and poked a branch into his eye. I took him to the doctor on Saturday, and he had scratched his cornea right over the pupil. (Ouch!) The doctor prescribed antibiotic drops for him, and he spent most of the weekend on the couch, listening to audio books or listening to Skeeter or me read to him. He's pretty much back to normal now, although he's still taking the drops for another few days.
  • Saturday was a completely at-home day, besides the trip to the doctor. Sass and Skeeter were feeling kind of puny, and Spyder was definitely not feeling so great. It was a quiet day for us, and I got some organizational things completed that had been bothering me.
  • Sunday was another quiet day. Sass and Skeeter were still feeling sickly, and Spyder was embarrassed by the eye-patch, so we skipped church in the morning. Thankfully, Skeeter and I weren't scheduled to work in any ministry that day, so I didn't have to find replacements.
  • Monday was Labor Day, so Skeeter didn't have to work (YAY!). We went to see my parents that day. My sister and her boyfriend came for a surprise visit. Mom's birthday is tomorrow, so they took advantage of the long weekend to get to see her.
  • Skeeter and I took the children to the little Tri-County Fair near my hometown. It was everything I remember, just smaller. That's a post in itself.
  • Sass was sick again today. Today's came with a fever though, so she spent the morning on the couch, alternately watching Strawberry Shortcake and snoozing. She started feeling better around noon, and by dinnertime she was back to normal. Tonight she realized that she hadn't done her schoolwork today, and I had to remind her that she was in no condition to do it this morning during our usual schooltime. It was bothering her though, so she did her work tonight after dinner.


Southern Girl said...

Poor Spyder! That's why Mom's always say, "Be careful or you'll poke your eye out!" ;) I've had the skin on my cornea torn before -- several times, actually -- so I know how painful that must have been for him. Glad he's doing better.

PEZmama said...

Thank you for the update. And I am glad to hear that everyone is healthy again... and wanting to make up missed schoolwork??? Send us some of that learnin' juice you've been serving over there...

Noodle said...

SG: I can't ever remember having an eye injury, but I can imagine it's awful! Spyder is now fully back to normal, and we're both glad! :)

PEZmama: Yes, my children are rather odd like that. LOL! And I'm most certainly not complaining! :)

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

My daughter is legally blind in one eye, so she wears protective glasses. I'm always a little worried that something's going to happen where she injures the seeing eye. I'm glad that Spyder's eye injury was minor and will recover!