Saturday, August 25, 2007

Too much to read and not enough time

My basket of books is overflowing.

I got Twilight from the library last week, simply because I've heard such good things about it. It was due yesterday, and I couldn't renew it last night because someone has it on hold. I decided to keep it, thinking that whoever it is can wait until next week. I started it tonight. So far it's pretty good (although not really my usual fare), and it's an easy read, so I should be able to finish it by Tuesday, at the latest.

Sass and I are reading Dragon's Breath, the next book in the Frog Princess series. We read The Frog Princess last year, and she absolutely loved it.

Spyder, Sass, and I are reading Pippi Goes on Board as a group. It's just as engaging as Pippi Longstocking was.

Next on the group read -- Frindle.

Skeeter started reading The Fairy Tale Detectives to the children tonight as their bedtime read. I read it last year, so I'm not joining in on that one.

(Shhhhh . . . I read Twilight instead.)

Whew! Between all of these, plus the school reading, my throat is sore! Luckily, I bought the audio version of Story of the World along with the book, so my dear Jim reads that to all of us. :)

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