Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Alligator King

"The Alligator King" was one of my favorite songs years ago when I was an avid Sesame Street watcher. Remember it?

I have my own Alligator King. He's not the original in the Sesame Street ditty, but he's close enough to remind me of it. I can't remember how I got him. It seems as if I've had him forever, but I'm sure he must have shown up as part of Spyder's toys.

Spyder has long since outgrown these types of toys, and I've claimed him. He sits on the windowsill in the kitchen.

Every day, usually twice a day or more, I look at him while I'm washing the dishes and sing, "Said the Alligator King to his seven sons . . . ."

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PEZmama said...

...I'm feelin' kind of down...

I got you on the back-up vocals, girl. I GOT YOU ON THE BACK-UP!