Monday, September 29, 2008

Bringing the funny

Last night, Skeeter asked me to remind him to get gas before he headed in to work. I left signs taped all around the house:

On the coffee pot -- Get Gas!! (You’ll regret it if you don’t.)

On the creamer in the fridge -- Get Gas!! (Don’t be a Tim.) -- Tim was a guy that Skeeter worked with 15 years ago who ran out of gas and was stuck on the interstate for a whole day because no one would go get him. EVERY time Skeeter even thinks about running out of gas, he says, "I don't want to be like Tim."

On his computer monitor -- Get Gas!! (AAA expires today.)

On his boots -- Get Gas!! (You don’t want to hear “I told you so.”)

On the back of the toilet -- Get Gas!! (You’ll feel like a dummy if you have to call for help.)

On the doorknob -- Get Gas!! (Calling for help is not your style.)

And for the final funny:

On the window of his truck -- Get Gas!! (Here’s your sign.)

Thank you. Thank you very much. I'll be here all week. :)



My Goodness said...

LOVE it! :) So funny!

I hope he went straight to the station!

smalltownmom said...

These are so funny!

Smiling Shelly said...

LOL! What a dutiful wife you are!
So, tell me.....did he get gas??

Mrs. C said...

Too funny!! It's almost like a scavenger hunt!