Monday, October 22, 2007

The weekend

I've only just slowed down from this weekend. Tonight, I'm looking forward to two things: eating out and sleeping.

Saturday we spent the first part of the day at a company-wide Family Day sponsored by Skeeter's employer. It was held at a local kitschy farm with a pumpkin patch, pony rides, and a huge play area. They also had a little train and gave rides. The children loved that! Skeeter even won a door prize this time, a camp chair. Sass was particularly pleased with that, since she had been aching for one ever since the last Family Day that was for his department. The Family Day was a lot of fun, but I (once again) forgot sunblock for myself, so I was sporting a nice little sunburn by the end of the day.

After the Family Day, we gathered our things and headed to Mom and Dad's house. One of the local state parks nearby sponsored a Halloween carnival, so we took the children. They loved it, of course. Candy was involved! There were lots of games too, and a "haunted trail" which wasn't terribly scary.

After that busy day, we stayed overnight at Mom and Dad's because . . . Sunday was my dad's 65th birthday! He is still in the hospital, in a physical therapy program, but they allowed him a one day "therapeutic pass." He got home at about 8:45 on Sunday morning. The dog was so excited to have him home! Her back feet were scooting back and forth on the floor because her tail was wagging so vigorously!

It was a relatively uneventful day full of visits and food. Dad was supposed to be back at the hospital around 5 pm, in time for his nightly medicines. He ended up going back a bit early though because the power went out. His oxygen machine runs on electricity, and his portable tank was low, so he decided not to take chances and head back to the hospital. He was really tired from the exertion of the day, but he had a great time.

Skeeter and I left after the power went out, but before Dad left for the hospital. Skeeter had to work last night, supposedly from 5 pm Sunday to 5 am Monday, replacing a section on a bridge. Things went wrong all night though, and the crews (and Skeeter) are still out there, at almost 5 pm Monday. Poor Skeeter. I feel so bad for him. He doesn't do well with no sleep, and he's been up for over 24 hours. He still doesn't know what time he'll be done.

The children and I have had a relatively low-key day, although I was up at 4:20 am today. I don't sleep well when Skeeter isn't here. It was an early day, and I'm beginning to wear down. It's been a good day for cleaning out the bedroom though. More on the bedroom redecorating later . . . .

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PEZmama said...

Oh STINK! I hope Skeeter is home by now and you both get a good night of sleep.