Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sass the opera star

Sass loves music and singing more than just about anything. If she's content, she's singing.

Like most children, she loves playing in the bath. Give her few little bath toys, and between the toys and the bathroom acoustics, she's happy for hours. She is one of those children who will take a bath at 2 pm just because she can. (Hey, if two inches of water will make her happy, who am I to stand in her way?) And in the bath -- at whatever time -- she sings, really belting it out and giving the performance of her life.

Tonight we were treated with her rendition of Queen's Somebody to Love during her bath. Over and over. And over.

And let me tell you, my girl can do some amazing vocals.

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Kaleigh said...

And that's reason enough to love the movie Ella Enchanted. The soundtrack has made the kids aware of some fantastic songs that I might not have ever thought to play for them. Awesome!