Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh, how I've missed you

My dear Internetians, I've missed you all!

Last week's posts were a bit -- ahem -- sparse. Let's just chalk it up to fall and school being in full force. October is always a busy month, but this one seems more busy than usual.

Quite honestly, I don't remember Monday or Tuesday at all. On one of those days, we spent a few hours at the hospital, but I can't remember which day. Oh, yes. It was Monday. I had intended to get cash at the bank, and I was thwarted because of Columbus Day.

We began our conversational German class last week, which made our already-full Wednesday even more so. German in the morning; lunch on the run; art in the afternoon. Oh, and German and art are both about 30 minutes from my house -- in opposite directions -- which added a total of over an hour (with traffic) to the day. I hate being in the car so much.

Thursday was catch-up-on-errands day. My car was 1500 miles overdue for an oil change, so the children and I took the car to the dealership to have it done. Waiting. Afterward, we took it to the car wash and detail place to have it cleaned properly. More waiting. Lots of waiting on this one -- nearly two hours. After the car wash, the grocery store, with the children who were tired of the waiting thing and decided to chase each other around the store. I had spent very nearly the whole day attempting to corral the children, and I was not a happy mama by the evening.

On Friday, we went to see the Blue Dog exhibit at the Dixon Gallery, and, oh, it was wonderful! There wasn't a docent available for us, but I think I'm glad. I prefer just wandering around to whatever appeals to me. I was most drawn to the hurricane pieces, which surprised me a bit, since I do adore those whimsical Blue Dogs.

Saturday was a go-go-go day. I did storytime at the bookstore in the morning (Guess How Much I Love You -- one of my favorites). The craft was a messy one, with glue and sequins and feathers, so clean up took a bit longer than usual. After work, I ran home to get Skeeter and Spyder (who had both had Scouts that morning), then we went to Big Lots and back to the bookstore. One of Skeeter's former co-workers is in the hospital, so I was finishing a little basket of goodies for him (and his wife, of course). Skeeter went into the hospital so he could visit a bit and take the basket while the children and I waited in the parking lot. Sass had fallen asleep on the ride, and they've had enough of hospitals anyway.

It was a nice day, so we found a shady spot to park. We all had a snack, and I read a bit from Whittington. (Only about six chapters, but Spyder has since finished it and declared that I should read it aloud anyway. Must be good.)

After the hospital visit, we had dinner and a movie with The Michael and a couple of his friends. They and Skeeter saw Stardust, and I took the children to see Ratatouille. And even though we were completely full of Chinese food, we still had popcorn and drinks. And sneaked candy. It's tradition with The Michael, to sneak the candy. I stopped at Walgreen's on the way to the Chinese place, just so that we would have candy to sneak with The Michael. It totally cracks me up, this tradition. We buy popcorn, drinks, occasionally nachos or a hot dog, but if we're with The Michael, we must bring candy. What can I say? He's a bad influence. :o)

Saturday was a very long day for me. Sass and I left for the bookstore at ten minutes to 9 that morning, and we weren't home again -- except for the brief pit stop to pick up the boys -- until almost 10:45 that night. Fun, but long and tiring. I didn't realize how tired I was until I walked in the door. Even Spyder, who usually reads before going to sleep, was snoring by the time I had finished getting ready for bed.

Today we had church, then we went to see my dad at the hospital afterward. He's finally been moved to the smaller hospital closer to home! Excellent for them, but a bit less convenient for me. He was in such good spirits to be back home though, near the people he knows. We were there almost all day, but not all at the hospital. We went to their house, played with the dog and cat a bit, and let the children wander around the yard and the field. They love doing that.

Dad is supposed to start physical therapy tomorrow, but he has had a lot of fluid build up, so I think they're going to work on getting that off first. They had given him something to help with that as we were leaving tonight. Mom called when we were almost home and said that it was making him feel better already.

And now I believe I've gotten caught up with everything. I think. Tune in tomorrow when I answer Piper's last interview question and moan about what to make for dinner while wondering how to manage reading the 187 posts that have piled up in my Google Reader! :o)


PEZmama said...

You HAVE been busy. I missed you too!

Southern Girl said...

What a fun post! I love reading about what people do with their time, especially when they live near me. :)

The Dixon Gallery! That's another place I've never been even with as long as we've lived here...I think it'll make an excellent excursion early next Spring when the gardens are blooming.

Didn't you just love "Ratatouille"? That's one I'll have to get on DVD.

Glad your dad is able to be closer to home!

JP said...

Hey, I just tagged you for a meme. You know, for you to do in your free time. LOL