Saturday, October 27, 2007

Coming to you remotely

Due to the wonder that is the internet, today's post is coming to you from my parents house!

My dad is now out of the hospital! He completed the physical therapy and his home again, but at the moment there are many things that he can't do, so he needs to have someone available all the time. We're visiting today so that we're the ones available.

Skeeter also had to fix their computer. Well, truly, it was unfixable. Skeeter worked on it for three days, and it's still not working. So we replaced their computer with one of ours (but . . . shhhh . . . they don't know).

At the moment, Skeeter and Dad are watching Psycho and the children are (in an interesting change of pace) upstairs playing Paperboy on the GameCube.

Oops. I spoke (wrote?) too soon. In the time that it took me to write the previous sentence, Skeeter and the children decided to go out and ride the four-wheeler instead. That's generally the way it is when we're here though -- they spend most of their time outside. I'm glad they can.

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Southern Girl said...

Wonderful news about your dad being out of the hospital and home where he can enjoy his family. Hope he continues to improve. :)