Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm having a crisis

The children and I had such a great day today! We spent half of the day at Chucalissa Indian Village enjoying the Native American Heritage Days.

The museum staff had set up fantastic, hands-on stations where the children made headbands and necklaces, made pottery, and playing traditional games. We also watched dancers and listened to traditional flute music.

It was a beautiful day, slightly cool in the morning, but warm in the sunshine. I even had the forethought to pack a picnic lunch, so the children and I had our picnic while watching the dancers.

The crisis? I think I've lost my camera!

Ooooh, this is not good. It's going to cost big bucks to replace it, and I normally make cash for stuff like that by eBay sales. Can't exactly make great sales without a camera!

I have a call in to the museum. Maybe, just maybe, someone turned it in.


Southern Girl said...

Ooo, I hope it turns up at the museum! I wouldn't be out too much if I lost mine, but I was just thinking the other day about my brother losing his and how his entire head would probably explode if that happened.

I have my fingers crossed an honest person found it.

JP said...

Oh no! I'll pray that it turns up!