Saturday, October 06, 2007

Interview, Part II

If you had one week just for Noodle, with no obligations or sense of urgency, no responsibilities, no kids, no husband, and plenty of spending money, what would you do to feel most alive and sublime?

This was actually Piper's question #5, but it's an easy-peasy one for me, so I moved it up in the rankings. :)

No little urchins, unlimited funds? I'd grab Skeeter and hop a plane to England. I know that Skeeter wasn't really part of the equation, but he's my best friend, and I wouldn't want to go without him. And I'd really want more than a week, but I'll take what I can get.

Skeeter and I spent about two and a half weeks in England on our honeymoon (ACK! almost 12 years ago!), and we had an incredible time.

We spent time wandering at outdoor markets, on lonely little roads, through ancient ruins and in old castles and cathedrals.

We laughed at the hotel that turned off the heat during the day when they believed everyone should be out.

We met interesting and fun people in the pubs who were enamored with my Southern accent and kept coming to our table and saying, "Talk to me, girl!"

We hung out with the Royal Shakespeare Company after a performance one night, and we got invited back for another time.

In all of my travels, that particular trip stands out as the one where I really did feel most alive and at peace with myself. And I'd love to go back and make more memories.


JP said...

*sigh* I wanna go too!

randi---i have to say said...

This sounds great, although I would probably pick Italy.

I wanna vacation...

piper of love said... are such a romantic too! a hot, smart, funny, romantic, homeschoolin' Mom! Skeeter is one lucky man!