Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So, the moving

It's inevitable. We will be moving, most likely sometime within the next two years. The earliest could be summer 2008, and the latest would be summer 2009.

But at any rate, that's only time. It is still inevitable. So all of those "someday" projects have come due.

The first overhaul will be in the master bedroom and bath. The vanity is old and ugly as homemade sin. It has to be torn out and replaced. And the bathroom is so small that I betcha it will have to be custom made. The current vanity is 36 inches long and 15 inches deep. I think I'd prefer to have it a little bit shorter than 36 inches. There's no possible way to increase the depth though, since that's the space available between the door and the wall, and opening the door is kind of important.

My uncle is a carpenter though, so I'll see if he will make it. My sister's boyfriend has already agreed to install it and patch the hole that my lovely, lovely children chipped in the drywall. Lovely children.

I spent today choosing colors. I had to find colors that would complement the bedroom and the hall, so I went with natural greens and browns, not too dark. Next up, choosing the style for the vanity. And convincing my Uncle Kurt that it needs to be done in this century.

Maybe I'll do before and after pictures of this whole experience. This is my first major house undertaking, since I don't think installing the pantry counts.


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PEZmama said...

I was thinking as I was reading that photos would be fun. Did you find your camera?