Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dustbunnies and tumbleweeds

I've been so focused on my dad and keeping some sort of normal life that my mind is completely blank. Completely.

When I sit down to do some sort of post, I feel intimidated by the blank screen. And my mind keeps going to all of the undone things hanging over me. But darling Piper had kindly offered me a bit of fodder for the ol' blog! She sent me a few interview questions today! I'm stealing an idea from Kaleigh, and I'll be answering those questions over the next few days.

Today I spent half of the day on the phone and in front of the computer getting field trips scheduled for the homeschool group. Even that was in vain, since I could only get a firm date for one of them, and I'm waiting on callbacks for four more. Oh, and I remembered two hours too late that today was park day, and we could have been playing at the park with the homeschool group! These are my days lately, remembering the important stuff way too late, if at all.

On a happy note, my dad came out of his pacemaker surgery quite well. I can't ever get to the hospital until 8 pm or so because Skeeter's been working late -- crazy deadlines and contractors! -- and I have to make and serve dinner and such. Mom said she wanted Dad to get to sleep early, so I decided to wait on going out until tomorrow. The Michael did go though, after work, and he reports that Dad is slightly uncomfortable, and quite grumpy. Grumpy for him is a good sign, since that means he's feeling well enough to care where he is. He misses his couch. And his dog Molly.

And so recovery begins, and I hope that our days begin recovery as well.


PEZmama said...

I hope so too. Hang in there.

Southern Girl said...

Hope today finds your dad feeling even better! And we used to have a dog named Molly, too! :)