Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A few things on my mind

None of them are particularly worthy of a single post, so they're all getting lumped into one.
  • Spyder woke up this morning at FIVE THIRTY to throw up, which of course, roused Sass. Skeeter's alarm was going off anyway. So the whole family was up at FIVE THIRTY. I can't stress enough how early FIVE THIRTY is to me anyway. It's even earlier when it comes with the sounds that I heard this morning.
  • Fortunately, the aforementioned regurgitation was a result of something he ate, so he was fine afterward.
  • Sass played outside from dawn until we left for the grocery store at, oh, about 9:30. She was not happy that I made her wait until daylight to go out. I had to give her a bath beforehand because she was muddy from head to toe. And after the trip to the grocery, she was out and muddy once again and had to have another bath before art class.
  • Since we were all up at FIVE THIRTY -- all of us -- my schedule was completely awry. The interviewees should get questions tomorrow morning, assuming that my urchins don't completely disrupt the schedule again. I really should stay up and do them, but, you know, that whole FIVE THIRTY business has really taken it out of me today.
  • We're moving, for sure. Not until the end of next year, at the earliest, but we're definitely moving. We won't find out where we're going until then, but the whole idea is beginning to sink in. I went through the closets over the last few days. Looking good! I've gotten rid of absolutely everything that we haven't worn recently. Skeeter still has far too many shirts though. I'll have to sneak a few of those out too. Just working through . . . . I talked with a friend at art class about selling the house, and she gave me some great pointers for painting and colors. One good thing is that everything is cosmetic; no major repairs to be done.
  • I'm loving my Zen. Loving it, even more than usual. I've been listening to books (why did it take me so long to realize that I could put audio books on there?), and doing the dishes and cleaning the stove aren't quite as bothersome as they once were.
  • I need to make more soap (Christmas is on the way, and I give some away then), and I'm out of my scents. Must make time to go to Maggie's Pharm. I may end up buying a microwave because of the soap. I've never attempted it on the stove. I have heard of "blender soap," but the recipe I was given requires lye, and I'm not sure I'm confident enough to try that.
And now that the basics are here, I must go and deal with the mound of clean laundry on the bed. I did three loads this morning! I suppose that FIVE THIRTY is good for something.


Mika said...

Why did I not know that you made soap? Something to keep in mind if you ever wanna do a swap! I'm still working on the CD wallet design for Sass!

Candy said...

I linked to a link to a link to a link and ended up here. So hi :)

Zen! Is there anything better?? Screw iPod, I say.

PEZmama said...

My sympathies on the FIVE THIRTY thing. My sentiments exactly.

Glad the puking was a one time deal. I absolutely hate dealing with puking kids more than any other thing - including being awakened at FIVE THIRTY...

... which is saying a lot.

I think you should move close to me.

Noodle said...

MIKA: Woohoo! No rush; it's just a Christmas goodie.

CANDY: I so love the Zen. The ipod interface seemed so much less user friendly. The Zen rocks!

PEZMAMA: It looks as if we may be moving sooner than expected. YIKES! Thankfully, puking ended as soon as it started. Vomit + pre-dawn = unhappy mama.