Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pantry Challenge, anyone?

I'm working on a Pantry Challenge at the moment. My refrigerator and freezer are absolutely packed full, so it's time.

And, because I am ME, I ended up going to the grocery store first thing after deciding it was time for a Challenge. We were out of dog food, milk, half and half, and a few other necessaries. Nearly $33 worth of necessaries. Except the Flat Earth garlic and herb chips. They were quite blatantly not necessary.

I'm cleaning out the kitchen too, in preparation for the possible move. Brenda came over today, and she left with four knives, a Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal, and a strainer. Come and visit, and you'll probably go home with some kitchen utensil or gadget too.

So, back to the Challenge.

On Monday, Skeeter went out to some steakhouse with people with work. I made a yummy corn and potato chowder. Sass and I love it, but Spyder and Skeeter refuse to eat it. Since Skeeter was out, I decided it was the best time to make it.

On Tuesday, we went to Fazoli's, same as always. We did see friends there though, so I'm glad we went.

Last night, I made pizza pops (dough with pizza sauce and cheese inside -- very good!) and a yummy spinach salad. Oh, and bruchetta. Because the pizza pops didn't have enough carbs.

Tonight I had intended to make a bacon and cheddar quiche, but the children were having trouble getting along, and I spent an hour helping them work out the disagreement. (Much wailing over the placement of the furniture on the back deck.)

All of that drama threw the real cooking idea out the window, so we had a cookout instead. Hot dogs and roasted veggies on the grill, and I threw some french fries in the oven. I also made mashed potatoes, just because I wanted them.

Tomorrow should be pizza and movie night, but the children are going to a sleepover.


Sorry, just had to get that out.

Anyway, since the children won't be here, I don't know what the dinner plans will be. I'm thinking that pizza won't be involved though.

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Susan said...

Yum! Corn and potato chowder! I love corn and potato chowder, but I don't have a really good recipe for it. Could you send me your recipe?

Dinner is so hard for me. By the time I make lunch for the kids, and then clean it up, I don't to be in the kitchen anymore. Yuck. Good luck with your pantry challenge!