Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend recap

On Friday afternoon Brenda and Carla came over with their children. I absolutely love getting all three of our families together. All of the children play beautifully! Everyone has a friend, and no one feels left out. Usually they divide themselves (two older boys, two younger boys, and all the girls), but lately all four boys have been playing together.

They came for a late lunch, around 1, and I had pizza for everyone. Brenda brought two new games for the GameCube that the boys could play, and Carla brought a yummy Chex Mix thing for dessert.

Friday night we went to the church, where they were showing One Night with the King. Spyder ended up playing in the nursery wing, but Sass wanted to stay with us. She finally decided about halfway through the film that she was bored, so she went to play with Spyder.

Friday was also Skeeter's last day at his job, and he had to turn in the keys, company truck, etc. He starts the new one tomorrow, so he'll get the new truck then. The intern is picking him up at 7 tomorrow, so he gets to sleep in a bit. :)

Saturday night we hosted our monthly game night, but Brenda and family were the only ones who came. Last time we had about 30 people here, and it was really too many, so this time we only invited a handful of people. But The Michael is out of town, and there was an activity at church for the Sunday School class, so most people couldn't make it. I'd never admit it to most people, but I was rather glad that it was just Brenda and family. I wouldn't have minded The Michael or Carla and family, but I was just tired and I wasn't all that enthusiastic about entertaining, so it was nice to have people over and not feel like I was "entertaining."

Tonight was the big July 4 celebration at church -- BBQ, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, the praise band, and a huge fireworks display. Sass and Olivia had a huge spat over . . . who knows what. The best that Brenda and I could get out of them was that Sass had turned around while Olivia was talking, and Olivia said she wasn't Sass's friend any more. Oh, the drama! As Skeeter said, "Melrose Place has nothing on these girls." They made up pretty quickly though, and the girls were inseparable the rest of the night. They even sat together (in the same chair) in the drizzle while watching the fireworks. After every display Olivia would ask, "Is it oooooover?" in a sad little heartbroken voice.

The fireworks lasted about 25 minutes, and I think everyone was tired and ready to go once it was over. Sass didn't even fuss about leaving, getting in the bath, or settling down afterward. I let her watch Strawberry Shortcake after bath while everyone else was getting ready for bed, and I don't think she ever moved from her spot.

All in all, a very satisfying weekend!

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