Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today was better

I'm back to normal after my big ol' pity party yesterday.

The children got along normally today. We played Huntsville together (I think I like this game just as much as Spyder does!), got a few things at Target, and went to the library -- pretty much a normal day. We had a nice day, and as a bonus, there was no wailing or gnashing of teeth during afternoon clean up time.

My dad came out of surgery just fine, but we don't know how long he'll have to stay in the hospital. He thinks he'll get out on Thursday.

I started packing today, and I've gotten most of the children's things settled. Now I just have to do mine and Skeeter's. Tomorrow will be all laundry, all day because I surely don't want to have to do it when I get back. One good thing came out of my pity party yesterday though. The kitchen is clean. And I'm not doing any big cooking between now and time to leave. :)

The children are so excited they can't stand it. Spyder is going fishing with my sister's boyfriend on Friday before we all head out for the rest of the vacation, and he can't decide whether he's more excited about the fishing or going to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

I have a Plan. So far no one has thrown more things into the Plan, and all is well.


PEZmama said...

Sorry I missed your pity party yesterday, though I don't know that I would have had any words of comfort to offer. However, I am glad you are back and feeling a little better.

And have a great vacation, will ya?

Noodle said...

Oh, it's okay. It's probably better that you missed it. :)