Monday, July 23, 2007

A brief recap of recent days

I managed to make it to our vacation destination with little trouble.

I set off early on Friday morn, and even after stopping at my aunt's store to pick out some Crocs for Sass, I got to my Memaw's house early.

Memaw was ready, with a ton of stuff, but it was all in small packages. She took a look at my car, already packed full of our own stuff, and said, "I don't see how you're going to get all this stuff in."

I said, "Memaw, give me 5 minutes and step back."

Sure enough, I moved stuff around, and I was able to get absolutely everything in. The children were a little bit crowded (Spyder had three cases of sodas at his feet), but it was all in.

The drive wasn't bad actually. Long, but not bad. Memaw and children didn't get on each other's nerves too much. Quite a feat!

Got to my sister's house around 4 pm on Friday. She has a cute, cute little house in the middle of a cow pasture. I love it! Well, not the flies that come with the cows, but I still love the area.

Later, my sister and her boyfriend took Spyder and Sass fishing in the pond behind the house. They had loads of fun! I didn't join in because, well, it required climbing over a barbed wire fence on a makeshift ladder. I don't do ladders in the best of circumstances, so there was no way I was climbing that one. Oh, and we stopped to pick blackberries on the way back. Prickly, sticky, and wonderful.

That night we had a late dinner at a Mexican place around the corner that was yummy, yummy! In a strange twist, my Sass got a hot dog there. My child who can eat hot salsa with a spoon ate a hot dog. Everyone had a grand time making fun of my vegetarian fajitas (which were quite yummy).

Spyder and I went to the Harry Potter release party that night. I wanted to leave immediately, and let me tell you -- it was an ultimate act of parental love that we didn't. We stayed the whole time, and we finally got our audio book at around 12:45.

Slow start to Saturday since I'd been up so late, but we finally ended up at our hotel around 4 pm. Saturday night was spent around the hotel pool mostly. I think my children would like to be fish.

Sunday was more out-and-about. Went out for brunch, then Skeeter, Spyder, and Sass went back to the hotel to swim. My sister, her boyfriend and I went shopping. Shopping! :)

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Welcome back! (You are back now, right?)