Thursday, July 12, 2007

Because I have nary an original thought in my head

I can't decide if I have absolutely nothing to say or if I have too much. Too many things are rattling around, so rather than sort them out, I'll entertain you all with yet another meme -- the "what's in your purse" meme.

Normally I credit the blog from which a meme was lifted, but there's not a particular person this time, so we'll just say it's been shamelessly copied from various sources. :)

I'm kind of a purse hound. Probably more than "kind of." I love purses. I have several that I change out regularly. Most recently, I was using a little navy blue woven Sak purse that my sister gave me. I loved it (still do, really) but it was just a little smaller than I needed, mostly because of my big fat tiger striped wallet that I've had for years (and also love).

When my mom gave me birthday money this year, I decided to go for something completely different. I had had my eye on the little Vera Bradley quilted purses, so I decided to use my birthday money for one of those.

So, without further prattle, my current purse:

Cute, roomy, and I love it. I'm not a "pink" kind of person, so I'm rather surprised at myself that this is the one I chose. Particularly since the interior is one of the things I like most about the design.

Don't you just love that pink and black design? LOVE it! Oh, and it has loads of pockets inside -- a total of six in various sizes -- as well as one on the outside. You can see three of the inside pockets in the above picture.

And I have now tossed my ages-old tiger striped wallet for this:

See that cute little identification wallet? That's what I used to replace that huge wallet. The other side has a clear plastic window for my drivers license (and no, I ain't showin' it). It also has a partition for my cash, debit card, and library card. Oh, and it attaches to the purse. Is that the best thing ever!?! All of those other cards that I feel like I must keep go in one of those little interior pockets.

So now for the nosy, fun part. This is what it looked like when I dumped it out on the table to clean it out this morning. I have to clean it out about once a week because otherwise I'd be overtaken by all of the receipts and candy.

Also included are some of the coin wrappers I got at the bank yesterday, Sass's drawing book, straws (that Sass decided to grab just as I was taking the photo), gum, etc., etc., etc.

After I took out all of the extra stuff, here's what was left -- necessities for my purse.

If you're looking carefully, you'll notice that there are three different types of lip balm. Obviously, I'm quite serious about healthy lips. And I am never without a tin of Altoids. The brush is in there for Sass because her hair is so fine that it looks icky about three minutes after it's brushed. Hand lotion is a must, and I find that we need the Neosporin often enough to warrant inclusion in the purse.

You'll also notice that there's not a wallet in the lot. That's because that little case never leaves the purse, thus, it never gets misplaced. (Very important.) This little rule has worked out astonishingly well.

Of all of the papers I took out, only two of them made it back into the purse -- my ticket to pick up the dry cleaning and the Chick-Fil-A coupon for a free sandwich. Oh, and a voucher from the local book traders, but that's in the "wallet."

Two important things aren't pictured though -- my Axim (aka, life in a little electronic gizmo) and cell phone -- since both of those were on their respective chargers.

So, you've seen a little snippet of mine . . . . Now, what's in your purse? :)

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