Monday, July 30, 2007

Alas, poor Grasshopper

I never introduced him here, so none of you knew him. But we did.

Grasshopper was our turtle (specifically a Red Eared Pond Slider), found on Skeeter's construction site in February. He rescued him from sure death by front-end loader and brought him home. By necessity, he taught us quite a lot about turtles during his time with us.

During the cold weather, he lived inside under a warming light. But once warm weather hit, he lived outside. He and the doggies got along most of the time, but Grasshopper would make a try for freedom on occasion, and it would annoy Lucy to no end. It almost always happened in the morning, between 7 and 8. Lucy would start barking like mad and I would know that Grasshopper was making a try for the fence.

For being turtle, Grasshopper could really book it when it had a purpose. And oddly, he'd always head toward the gate, as if he could just open it and walk out.

Grasshopper made his last bid for freedom while we were on vacation.

Brenda had agreed to stop by and feed the dogs and turtle while we were gone, and poor Grasshopper was missing that first evening when she came to feed everyone. She looked for an hour and a half, but no Grasshopper. She looked every day, and we looked and looked when we got back.

I just hope that he made it safely to the pond across the road.

So, in memoriam, our Grasshopper:

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