Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tonight's reads

Sass chose her three most favorite-est books for this evening: Harry the Dirty Dog, The Foot Book, and Zip! Pop! Hop! And Other Fun Words to Say.

Harry the Dirty Dog is unquestionably her #1 favorite. She loves it, and she can recite it word for word. I think she empathizes with poor old Harry, since getting muddy is one of her favorite things too.

The Foot Book was inherited from Spyder. It was one of his favorites too. Dr. Seuss is always a winner with them, but they both gravitated to this book more than most of his others.

Zip! Hop! Pop! is also an inheritance from Spyder. It originally came from my friend Julie though, and my two children have enjoyed it just as much as her son did.

Sass and I usually read a "big girl book" at bedtime (right now it's Pippi Longstocking), but tonight she asked for these instead, and I just couldn't say no. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that she's still my little girl.

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