Sunday, September 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, Skeeter!

It was a good day for a birthday.

Yes, yes, it's my dear Skeeter's birthday today. Sundays are always such a difficult day for birthdays. It's just such a busy day for us, and it always seems as if Sunday belongs to the church rather than us.

It was that way today. Skeeter worked in children's church; I worked in the nursery (although I did sneak and listen to about half of the sermon).

Skeeter decided to have lunch at a little Mexican place that we haven't tried in a while. It was good, and they gave him a free margarita since Sass announced that it was his birthday. They took a picture of him for the birthday wall too. In a big ol' sombrero. Funny!

The afternoon consisted of Skeeter playing around on his computer and me folding clothes and baking. We did go get new safety glasses for Skeeter though. He had a visit to the eye doctor on Friday afternoon, and he has a new prescription.

Tonight was the first official night of Awana, and it looks like Skeeter is going to be working with the 3rd and 4th grade boys. He hadn't planned to work Awana this year, but the older boys leader was a little bit overwhelmed.

I baked brownie birthday cookies instead of a cake. Skeeter loves brownies, so I opted for those instead of the messy cake. Tonight after Awana, Sass and Spyder set up a little birthday party for him. It was really cute. They set up the little tables and put all sorts of snacks and drinks out, complete with stuffed animal decorations. They made a birthday banner, and they insisted that the three of us hide and jump out when he came in the room.

One of Skeeter's gifts was an all-in-one game set, and Spyder and Skeeter played a few games of checkers (their favorite) and a game of chess.

Sass spent the evening coloring pictures for Skeeter to hang on his walls at work. In her pink bow and "Indian princess" bead headband and princess nightgown.

I had intended to take a photo of the brownie cookies, but alas, they're gone. Not an unexpected development, but I wasn't anticipating it quite this soon.


Buncha said...

Happy Birthday, husband o'noodle! I love the Clifford cup..! =)

PEZmama said...

Mmmm. Brownies.

Happy birthday Mr. Noodle! (He's not like one of those crazy guys on Sesame street, is he?)

Thanks for your e-mail. I am still a bit frazzled, but I appreciate you checking in on me. I might have to send you a bunch of homeschooling questions when I get time to compose them all...

Noodle said...

Buncha and PEZmama: Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Buncha: Clifford is Sass's favorite "skippy cup." :)

PEZmama: Thankfully, Skeeter is nothing like Mr Noodle on Sesame Street. He is kinda goofy though. :)

Just another southern gay guy said...

i SO can not believe I forgot his birthday.

bad, bad, bad, bad me!