Saturday, September 29, 2007

Busy weekend

The weekend was absolutely full.

On Friday, my sister came into town to give my mom a break at the hospital. Mom had to go home to do end of the month paperwork at her store, and Lisa came to stay at the hospital with dad. She deserves huge kudos for that. I'm pretty sure she was going stir-crazy within the first 24 hours.

That Company of Skeeter's had a Family Day on Saturday at one of the local state parks. Along with the usual cookout fare, there was moon bounce, a dunk tank, and a bungee-type bounce. Loads of fun! The organizer also got water guns and kites for everyone, and that was a tremendous success! The weather was perfect -- sunny, but not too hot -- and my children had a blast running around. Heck, Skeeter and I had a great time with those water guns.

Afterward, we stopped by the hospital to see Dad. Sass and Spyder brought their treat bags from the Family Day, and Dad decided to wear the little hat. It was so nice to see him in such good spirits, especially after everything he's been through.

After seeing Dad, we went directly to the church to take food for a party on Sunday night. We were there for almost an hour and a half, arranging food in the refrigerators and cleaning the little spills we had made. (Large aluminum pans + baked beans = lots of little spills.)

By the time we got home at almost 7, everyone was exhausted. I'd love to say that we all stayed in and had a relaxing evening, but no.

Sass and I still had to go out to buy tennis shoes for Awana, so she and I headed out to Target, where she tried on every pair of shoes in the store. Yes, that's an exaggeration, but not by much. After we taking far too long on that shopping expedition, I had to go to the grocery store since we were out of important things like coffee and milk. And chicken. The chicken wasn't an issue for me, but Skeeter is determined to be a lifelong carnivore.

I finally was in for the evening at about 10:30, and Skeeter and I sat down to watch Bionic Woman. The premiere episode felt like it was all setup for the series, so I was unimpressed. It seems to have potential though. We'll see.

Now I need to pass Bionic Woman to Michael so he can see it. Poor Michael is going to be cable free since he's getting rid of Comcast (a division of hell), and I suppose it's up to me to keep him current on the television shows.

I was supposed to go to Michael's new apartment and help him unpack today, but his air conditioner has issues -- non-working issues. We decided it might be better to give it a try when we wouldn't be roasting inside the new apartment. Eau de sweat is not a good aroma for the new place.

So instead of working at Michael's, Skeeter and I took the urchins to swim at the Y. We haven't been since Dad was admitted to the hospital, so it was a good escape to be able to go again. I sat in the spa pool for a bit, and it was wonderfully relaxing. Probably a little too relaxing, since afterward I only wanted to lie down and nap.

A nap was out of the question though, since it was time for Awana. We ran home to change into real clothes, and the we were on the way to Awana. The party was afterward, so we didn't leave the church until just after 8:30, an hour later than usual.

The children went to bed almost as soon as we got home. I should have. Instead, I decided to do the dishes and listen to the last bit of my audio book while Skeeter did something for work that had to be done before tomorrow morning. I didn't even try to figure out what it was. His work confuses me most of the time.

Despite the busyness, it really was a good weekend, and an excellent way to move out of September and into October.

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