Thursday, September 06, 2007

Skeeter and That Company

Skeeter started a new job at the beginning of July. He had been a consultant at That Company for about 8 months, and they eventually decided to hire him instead of using a middle man.

Neither one of us realized it at the time, but apparently That Company is a Big Deal. Quite truthfully, I had never heard of it before Skeeter started his consulting gig. But considering how some of the people in his profession act when they find out his employer, it must be a Big Deal. And hey, it's now a Big Deal to me too, since it pays the bills and it got him a nice little discount on my new car.

On Monday when we went to the fair, Skeeter was wearing a baseball cap with the logo for That Company. A young woman noticed the hat and stopped him just after we walked in the entrance, asking, "Hey, do you work for That Company?"

Skeeter said yes, and the woman asked question after question about how to get a job with That Company. That Company is quite a stickler for paper trails and hierarchy, and Skeeter told her that the best way was simply to talk to Human Resources and put in an application. He gave her the website address, and how to go about starting the application process.

I was busy corralling the children, so I didn't pay much attention, but the woman followed Skeeter around the entire time we were in Spyder's brochure area, all the while talking about how much she liked That Company. After he was rather tired of her following him, Skeeter took Spyder and went to the livestock area, leaving Sass and me behind to look around the arts and crafts a bit longer.

I found out later that the woman had followed him all the way through the livestock pens. She eventually gave up her idea of subtlety and asked straight out if he had another hat that she could have. He said no (and he really didn't have an extra), and a few minutes later she finally gave up and moved along.

I'm a little disconcerted by the woman's perseverance. I had no idea that That Company had groupies.

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Just another southern gay guy said...

Was that in our hometown at the fair? Heck, i'd never heard of the company before. That is a Tri-County fair, but still . . . . .