Thursday, September 27, 2007

Skeeter and me and the TV

Most people don't believe me when I say I don't watch television. But I don't. It's just not something I do. We watch television series on DVD and occasionally I'll turn on the television while I'm folding laundry. I'll usually put in a movie or a book on CD instead of random television though. Pride and Prejudice is usually my laundry-folding choice. Because I'm all cool like that.

Skeeter is just the opposite. He loves to sit down and "flip channels" just because he can. Nothing but fluff and crap, and he'll still flip for more than an hour. I don't get it.

This week, for the first time in more than 8 years, I sat down to watch prime time television. Really!

Skeeter and I watched the premiere episode of Chuck. My reaction -- "eh." It wasn't good enough for an action show, and it wasn't funny enough for a sitcom. Maybe it will get better once the people making it figure which they want it to be. I don't know that I'll be tuning in to find out though.

We also watched the season premiere of Heroes. We just finished watching Season 1 on DVD a few weeks ago. It seems to be starting like the first season did -- lots of set up before you get to the main story line -- so I don't know how I feel about it yet.

We attempted to watch Journeyman, but children interrupted, and we only were able to watch the first 15 minutes or so. Skeeter had set it to record though, so we'll attempt that again. I'm intrigued by the whole premise.

Skeeter has this nifty TIVO-like contraption in his computer so he can record what's on television. I had him record the premiere of Bionic Woman last night since I wanted to go visit Dad at the hospital. The Michael and I discussed that at the hospital, and he told me that he is dumping cable, so he's requested that Skeeter record Dr Who.

I'm somewhat concerned about this whole recording-then-watching thing for us though. It's only been a week, and already I'm behind by two episodes.

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Whatalotofstuff said...

Ohhhh, mine is Sense and Sensibility!! I absolutely love it. When Elinor is speaking about Edward.. "Believe me, Marianne, had I not been bound to silence I could have provided proof enough of a broken heart, even for you.." Sob. I'll have to rent this one, I've never seen it..!

Glad your Dad is feeling so much better!