Friday, September 07, 2007

It's pear time again!

My next door neighbor has a fantastic pear tree, absolutely loaded with fruit. She's just wonderful about letting us harvest from her tree.

I generally don't let them pick the fruit until I start seeing some on the ground around the tree, and we picked for the first time this week.

The top of the tree is still loaded with fruit, so next we'll have to drag out the ladder. I refuse to climb it, but Spyder is part monkey, so he's thrilled to have the opportunity to climb around a tree legitimately.

We had a big storm a few weeks ago that knocked down part of one of our trees, and obviously it got the pear tree too. The fruit is still plentiful and yummy though.

I found a few excellent recipes last year, so I think I'll try to dig them out again.


Mika said...

Oooh yummy! I wish I could find a nice neighbor like that around here! Tell Spyder to "climb monkey climb"! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Try making preserves and canning. You will make Mamaw very proud.