Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unplanned haitus

Since it's been almost a week since my last post, I offer the following bullet points.
  • Spyder was in a bible quiz competition on Saturday. OH MY GOSH. It lasted for five hours. Five hours! Sass was with me, and she did very well for the first four hours of it. By the last hour though, she had had enough. I confess: I let her watch Strawberry Shortcake on the portable DVD player. I am not a person who encourages that sort of thing, but we had colored, written, drawn, and played finger games for the previous four hours. We were tired of being there (and getting a bit tired of each other, to be honest). Spyder did well in his competition though, and our church placed second! Spyder had worked very hard on it, and I was really proud of him.
  • Skeeter worked at a math competition on Saturday so he didn't get to go to the bible quiz. He was the data entry person for the competition, and he was the one who entered all of the scores and printed out the certificates. He was just as tired as the rest of us when it was over.
  • Our internet was out from Saturday night to Monday night, and it was both frustrating and liberating.
  • I am hooked on a new game, JewelQuest.
  • Sunday's sermon was absolutely wonderful, on being an encouraging person. I didn't have a big epiphany during it, but it certainly was a good sermon for me to hear.
  • Spyder and I cleaned out his closet yesterday, and it looks good! Next is Sass's closet, but that's a much bigger job. I'm dreading it.
  • We spent the afternoon at a homeschool swim/play time, and everyone is still and quiet. Loving it! :o)

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