Monday, February 12, 2007

Just when you need it

Saturday I had a horrible headache. It was probably a migraine, but since I've never officially been diagnosed with migraines, I'll just say it was a really bad headache. I got up at my usual time, but I let the children sleep in. They had gone to a birthday party Friday night, and they got to bed very late, so I figured that they deserved it.

I was feeling pretty good when I got up, and I got loads of things done. By the time they got up at 10ish, I wasn't feeling so good. By 1 pm, I was in the bed (nap position), a cloth over my eyes to block out the light, praying that I wouldn't throw up.

Skeeter had to work, so it was just the children and me. And as any mom knows, children are notoriously needy exactly when you don't need them to be. Just think . . . when you're on the phone, aren't your children drawn to you like magnets? Yeah. Mine are too.

This particular day though, my children really and truly were the angels I needed them to be. Just before I went to lie down, I told them how I was feeling and how very, very important it was for me to rest a bit. I don't know if it was the thought of a bit of Mommy-produced regurgitation or if I looked as bad as I felt, but their behavior was exactly what I needed it to be.

I had crawled onto the bed without my throw. Sass got it for me. She also got the cloth to cover my eyes because it hurt that bad. After I was settled and trying to regulate my breathing so that it would hurt less, Spyder asked Sass if she wanted to go into the living room and watch Scooby Doo with him. As they were walking away I heard her say, "We need to make sure it's turned down really low since Mama's head hurts bad."


Of course, today it was back to the usual, "Moooooommm! Sass is in my room!" and "Mama! Spyder took my ______!" But it was nice to have them so thoughtful and cooperative when I really needed it.

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