Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reading Challenge!

Jennifer at Snapshot has issued a reading challenge!

We already spend quite a lot of reading time, partly because Sass and I now read real books together, and partly because we read our school books together. The challenge made me start thinking though, and I realized that I've completely gotten away from reading the shorter and more colorful picture books to Sass. And I definitely need to get back to them. She loves picture books of all sorts!

I intend to use this challenge to read more non-chapter, non-school related books to Sass. I'll be posting updates of what we've read to see how we're doing.

Spyder may or may not be included in this challenge. He usually stops in and listens whenever I'm reading to Sass, no matter what the book. He may only be eight years old,

("Eight and a half, Mom! I'm eight and a half!")

but he's an excellent reader and can read pretty much anything he wants. He reads an average of three books a day, and that doesn't include when we're reading aloud already.

We did read some today, but my official challenge begins tomorrow, with blankies on the couch and a water bottle at my side!


Jennifer said...

I'm glad that you joined in. It does sound like you already have a pretty good system. My 8 year old (yes, almost 8 1/2) reads like crazy, too--a few books a day if she's not in school for sure.

Anonymous said...

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