Monday, February 19, 2007

No vampires here

My personal cooking philosophy: If it doesn't have garlic, it must be dessert.

I always joke about this, but I'm beginning to think it must be true. I'm having a Southern Living at Home party tomorrow night, and I've been doing the cooking for it.

I'm serving the following:

Crab & Artichoke dip
Deviled eggs
Sweet & Sour meatballs
Crudite platter with two or three different dips

Every single recipe has garlic. My mom's deviled egg recipe didn't call for the garlic, but I've started adding it anyway, along with a little bit of Emeril's original seasoning mix to give it a little bit of kick.

The cooking is my favorite part of hosting. I always try out something new or make something that I don't take time for very often. The new recipe for this time is the Sweet & Sour meatballs. Deviled eggs take so much time that I don't bother with them usually. Skeeter is always pleased when we host something since he gets to nibble beforehand and feast on the leftovers afterward.

I wish I had a self-cleaning house. I'd host just about every day!

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