Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wacky Weather!

This has been quite a year for odd weather. It's almost December 1, and it has been in the 70s for several days this past week. We're supposed to be in for a storm tomorrow though. Temperatures are supposed to drop 40 degrees or more, and there is also a significant amount of ice expected.

My sister lives west of us, and she's already experiencing it. She said that the temps in her area dropped 20 degrees in less than an hour.

As with most storms, the grocery stores will be packed tomorrow. I normally do my shopping on Thursdays, but with the party tomorrow night, I did it a day early. No crowds today either. I suppose people aren't planning to go into panic mode until tomorrow when the storm's arrival is upon us. Not that I'm complaining though. I prefer to shop without loads of people milling about trying to decide which flavor of Pop Tarts would be best while surviving in the frozen wasteland. (She scoffs.)

As for now, it's still stinking hot. Poor Brownie is miserable in his beautiful thick coat. He keeps moving from place to place on the marble floor trying to find a cool spot. Lucy isn't faring quite so badly since her coat isn't as thick as Brownie's. She's in her usual spot behind the rocker.

It isn't just the doggies that are hot though. The people are too! We've had to turn on all of the ceiling fans. Poor Spyder couldn't settle down to go to sleep because it was hot in his room, and I just had to put Sass back in bed because she woke up and was too hot.

I think I'll almost be glad for the cold weather!

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