Friday, November 24, 2006

Michael's Thanksgiving Day wrap-up

  • Oh, there's Mary Francis trying to trip Mamaw, and Mary Francis had a horrid, horrid butchered hair cut.
  • Bethany, "BB" is pretty as always, and seems somewhat normal.
  • Mary also told Mamaw, "Let's ditch these folks and go have some fun."
  • Then there was everyone trying to ridicule Noodle for, at the age of 8, setting Mamaw up on a blind date with an old man down the street. Only during the telling of the story, after 30 years, Mamaw finally admitted she went on a second date with the man.
  • Uncle Kurt said he weighs 125 and can't gain weight.
  • Uncle Richard snores, probably more loudly than me.
  • Moma's tea was good as ever, but I didn't drink any out of the beige plastic glasses, of which I am so fond. That's sort of a ritual for me. But I let it go since it was a SOLO cup holiday.
  • That's all I can think of. It was a good day out there.

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