Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Feast

We ended up having more people than originally planned. My Uncle Richard and Uncle Kurt came. I shouldn't have been surprised to see Uncle Richard, but I figured Uncle Kurt would spend the whole day in a deer stand. Then later in the day my Aunt Liz and three of her children came by. I haven't seen my cousins since Easter, at least, so that was nice.

As always, there were more food choices than any reasonable person could fit on one plate. Uncle Richard made a fried turkey, and it was pretty good. I'm not a fan of roasted turkey normally, and most of my choices are vegetarian anyway, but this was surprisingly good. Moist, with lots of flavor. The dressing is always my favorite though, so most of my eating was devoted to that. LOL!

Skeeter ate sweet potato pie -- and liked it! -- without realizing what he was eating. We were even talking about pumpkin pie vs. sweet potato pie on the drive there. I love pumpkin pie, but I'm not all that crazy about sweet potato pie. Skeeter swore that sweet potato pie was (using my friend John's term) ubdadebil. (Of the devil, for those not fluent in Johnese.) I saw Skeeter eating it and didn't say a word. After he was finished, I told him what it was. The look on his face . . . .!!! He's no longer a sweet potato pie hater though!

Memaw put peanut butter chips in the pumpkin pie this year. I had to pick them out, so my pumpkin pie experience was slightly soiled. What WAS she thinking? She's making up for it today though. We're congregating at her house for dumplings. YUM!

We all got into a discussion about how most of our significant others are from small families. My family is NOT small. It can't be, with Memaw having seven children. We're loud and boisterous and it's normal for us. Skeeter says we're intimidating. I guess I can see that.

They picked on me yesterday, for something that happened 30 years ago. (Long memories, those people.) When I was about 8, I gave Memaw's phone number to a friend's grandfather. He asked, and I WAS EIGHT, so I had no idea what that was all about. Well, he asked Memaw out. I knew all of that. But the news to me was that she went! She drove; he took her to the Sonic; he hinted for her to pay. First, I'm beyond shocked that my Memaw would eat anything that came from a fast food place. Second, we found out that she went out with him a second time, and he asked her if he could move in with her! She told him no, and he started stalking her. AAAAHHH!! My cousin Curtis turned red and covered his face. LOL! I don't know if we were laughing more at Memaw and her revelations or at Curtis and his red face.

After we had eaten, and the dishes were clean, Spyder and I took over the stove and made playdoh. Easy, easy, and it doesn't stink like store-bought playdoh. Everyone had a blast making sculptures, but we ended up not keeping any of them. They all got squshed into the big playdoh blob to be used again.

We spent the evening looking at the sale flyers for today -- twice the size of the paper itself -- and finally left at around 6:30. All in all, it was quite an excellent day!

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Julie said...

Personally, I love the smell of store bought Play Doh. :-)