Monday, November 27, 2006

Bah humbug!

Well, I don't really mean that. Not really. But today was . . . a completely unproductive day.

We put up the Christmas trees this weekend. This year we have two. One is for the breakable ornaments. That tree is out of the way, so that the dogs and the urchins don't get ideas on breaking our nicer ornaments. The other is for the wooden, plastic, and homemade ornaments that shouldn't break if they happen to fall on the marble floor.

Skeeter and I got both trees up, but we ran out of time before we got the ornaments on. The children and I are by ourselves until Wednesday night, and I wasn't thrilled about going into the attic for the ornaments, but I did promise. Thankfully, Skeeter had pulled all of the Christmas boxes to the edge of the steps, so I didn't actually have to go into the attic, just to the edge.

We still have boxes sitting around from the trees and the few decorations that we put up on Sunday afternoon. *sigh* And I brought even more stuff down because the children begged and begged.

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