Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So much for that

Skeeter is out of town this week, working on a biodiesel plant about three hours south of us. Because of the holiday, we don't have many outside commitments this week. I had intended it to be a stay-at-home, enjoy-being-together kind of week.

That was completely shot out of the water before 10 am today. My parents called just before 10 to say that they were in town, and they wanted me to join them at the mall for Christmas shopping. Considering that they don't come to our town very often, I couldn't really say no. Plus, I had told my mom just this weekend that she needed to start working on her shopping since the crowds seem worse than usual already. My beloved Target was absolutely mobbed on Sunday night. Normally Sunday night after church is a great time to go. It's practically empty! Not this week.

We had a productive shopping time though, so it was worth it. We shopped with them from about noon to 3:45, then ran back home to play with the doggies before heading out again.

Monday is my only work day, and since Skeeter is out of town, the children stayed with a friend about 20 minutes away while I was working. Unfortunately, that added an extra 45 minutes to my "work day." I dropped them off at 4:45, and I didn't pick them up until 11:20. Whew!

Perhaps tomorrow will work out better as a stay-at-home day.

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