Friday, July 28, 2006

As for the pantry,

I really, really blew it. I took Skeeter and the urchins to the store with me tonight (bad idea), and I spent $38 of my weekly grocery budget AND I got almost nothing to show for it.

Part of it really was my fault; I admit it. I went looking for a few specific ingredients for a copycat recipe for Alice Springs Chicken like they make at Outback. I normally don't buy for recipes. I tend to adapt the recipe according to what I have already. But Skeeter had a bad day at work today, and I wanted to do it the "right" way for him. I also got Starbucks whole bean coffee for him instead of the usual, and that was a huge splurge.

So, alas, I'm working on $12 remaining for any grocery or household items until next Friday. And that's not particularly good, since my pantry is looking rather bare! This week's shopping really should have been all about working through the small amount left and restocking. Bad, bad me! Because of my poor shopping today, I think that my pantry challenge will last about a week longer than I had intended!

The Alice Springs Chicken recipe was excellent though, so I'll definitely make that again.

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