Wednesday, August 02, 2006

24 hours in a day

And sometimes I need far more. The blog has been sadly neglected.

We "officially" started school again this week, although truly we never stopped. But it's quite a bit different doing "official" work four or five days a week rather than one or two! I can't imagine how hard it would be if we had completely stopped over the summer!

Sass is absolutely thrilled that she's doing school this year. She picked out a backpack at Target, and she's organized all of her workbooks into the backpack. She's still doing mostly what we did last year, but she wants to feel as if she's just like her big brother, so it works out well for me, I suppose. :o)

Spyder has gone into school with a vigor that I hadn't expected. He is doing about twice the work that I expected for him. I'm sure that will wane in time, but for now, it's nice. He's even getting up an hour earlier to get a head start on the day. (Is this really the same child that I had last year? LOL!) I am rather proud of him though. He's still having some difficulty memorizing his multiplication tables, but he's moved into double digit multiplication with no trouble at all. We started division today, and he completely got the concept right away! ::happy dance::

It's so interesting how I can see Spyder growing up. He's started taking notes for all of his learning. I hadn't realized that until he got his planner book out today when I was explaining division. He wrote down all the steps as I explained them, and I could see that he'd written out some of the multiplication tables and the steps to double digit multiplication.

It seems like every day is another time for me to say, "Oh my babies are growing up!"

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