Monday, July 17, 2006

Larry-Boy Saves the Day!

Skeeter and I are helpers for children's church once a month. Yesterday wasn't supposed to be our day, but another couple asked if we'd trade since their daughter was being baptized this week.

Sunday morning at 8:30, we got a call from the coordinator. The lead worker was sick, and we were the ONLY ones for children's church that morning! No lesson plan. No snacks. YIKES! We sprang into action.

I am a local Veggie Tales ambassador, and I had picked up my kit for the new movie Larry Boy and the Bad Apple earlier in the week. We had planned to have a movie night at the church in the beginning of August, but Larry-Boy came to the rescue for children's church instead!

We gathered a story that worked with the "temptation" theme, got a small craft together, grabbed the DVD player, and Skeeter was at church by 10 am setting it up! I ran to Target for snacks -- goldfish, graham crackers, and apple juice -- and I got there around 10:30, just as they had finished the craft and were heading for the movie.

We had planned to share the story at the very end, just before prayer. The pastor ended his sermon early though, and the parents were coming to get the children just as the music video ended.

Despite the short notice, I think children's church went off really well. And I think this Larry Boy is one of my favorites -- and not just because he saved the day. :o)

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