Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A whole lot of nothing

Well, this blog has been empty for a while. We've had so much going on elsewhere that I just haven't had time. I haven't even had time to read many blogs! And truly, I can't say that's going to change until, oh, Monday or so.

In the meantime, enjoy the following:

My friend Julie's experience with Merle.

Postcards from yo momma (it's hit-or-miss; some are unintentionally funny, some aren't.)

An excellent two-part article on understanding how an individual processes information and how it relates to organizing. Part 1. Part 2.

Skeeter's company is using a big ol' machine called a RubbleMaster on their site for crushing concrete. A few days ago he was researching information and came across a theme song for it on the UK site. It's pretty catchy. But it cracks me up that they have a theme song.



PEZmama said...

I totally want to hear that RubbleMaster song. Dang this dial-up!

PEZmama said...

okay, I had to do it.

Did that rap contain the phrase "dust suppression"? Because that is hilarious.

Vanessa said...

Sometimes IRL takes over and blogging falls to the back burner for a while. Good news is it's always there when you are ready to come back to it!

Heather said...

I seriously LOL when I saw you posted the Yo Mama site. I found that a little while ago and I actually have an email to send in to them from my mom. She told me that Oprah was doing one of her "my-house-is-a-disaster-come-clean-it-for-me" shows and she thought I needed to apply. SIgh.

Have you been to It never fails to get a belly laugh from me.