Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sweet kitty

Sweet kitty doesn't have a name (that I know), but he's still safe at the neighbor's house. Thanks for making me feel better about crawling around in the rain to find him.

Oh, to give you an idea how hard it was raining? I hung my clothes over the bathtub to dry, since it was late and I didn't want to wash that night. The next morning when I went to get them to wash, they were still wet. Not damp. WET.



Candy said...

It sounds like the same storm that passed through here at precisely the moment I stepped out of the car to pick dinner up for the family. I think I may have to throw the shoes I was wearing away.

So glad kitty is ok!

The Boyds Family said...

Girl~I know exactly what night you were talking about and it was absolutely POURING DOWN!!

It rained so hard and so much that it somehow came in through our kitchen windows and we had a little lake in my kitchen floor.

That's one lucky kitty...

Vanessa said...

That kitty thanks you I'm sure!