Friday, May 02, 2008

Avoiding the littles

My urchins have art class one day a week. Until this semester they have taken different classes, requiring a four hour commitment on art day. The class is half an hour away, and their classes were on the same day, but not back-to-back. So I was always entertaining one or both of them. The urchins love art class, so I managed, but lawzy day . . . it was a pain!

This semester though, they opted to take the same class, watercolor painting. Thank heavens! Not only does that take my time commitment from four hours to two hours, but it allows me one whole blessed hour to myself!

I know it doesn't sound like much, but homeschooling doesn't exactly allow a whole lot of down-time for me. I've been looking forward to my little one hour a week, just sitting in the car reading a book. Until recently.

About six weeks ago, the art teacher's 10 year old decided that he'd like to spend that hour -- my hour -- chatting with me. The first time, I decided to forgo the book and chat. Perhaps that was a bad idea because now he shows up at my window every time.

And chats.

And chats.

Even when I'm a bit rude and only move the window down just a bit, obviously wanting to get back to my book.

The last two weeks I've dropped the children off at art class and driven off to another part of the neighborhood. And I can't say that I feel the least bit bad about it. At least there I can have my hour once again and read my book in peace.



My Goodness said...

I would've driven off too! It's very cool that they have a great art class to attend at the same time. I love artsy stuff...took some classes myself.

Vanessa said...

Everyone deserves a little time to themselves. I say do whatever you have to so you can enjoy your hour.

The Boyds Family said...

That's right girl.....get your hour back!!! I don't blame you one bit!!!