Monday, May 12, 2008

Meme for Monday

Y'all. Today was so busy. Not only did Miss Lucinda get a squirrel, but she got a bird as well. I suppose she was busy too. The children and I also went to the Scholastic Warehouse sale and spent FOUR HOURS there. Four hours! Lawzy, we were all ready to get out of there.

Thankfully, Yvette tagged me for a meme, so no original thought required.

Now on the the meme.....Here are the rules (post these first).
  1. Each player answers questions about themselves.
  2. At the end of the post, tag 5 people by posting their names.
  3. Go to their site/blog and leave a comment telling them they've been tagged. Invite them to your site/blog so they can read the tagged post.
  4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've completed your tagged post.


1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

Nesting. I was two days from giving birth to Spyder. *sniff*

2. What are 5 things on your "To Do" list?

a) Ship several packages

b) Send back two Netflix movies

c) Finish Skeeter's passport renewal

d) Return books to the library

e) Have the car cleaned

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

a) Ice cream

b) Chips and salsa

c) Triscuits

d) Divinity

e) Party Mix

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Travel. That's a big one for me. New places, new experiences. Love it! I'd also do the practical things, like paying off the house, investing . . . . But for the fun stuff, travel all the way.

5. Name some places where you've lived.

The Pink House, the house where I was born. When I was about a year old we moved to

Third Street, where I lived until I was 18. The we moved to

The New Place, the house my dad built himself. I only lived there for about a year and a half though, then I moved away to live in

The Dorm at college. I didn't stay in the dorm long though. My roommates and I didn't get along (putting it mildly) and I moved out. I moved into

The Apartment with my four new roommates, and oh lawzy day, it was fun! Seriously, when I think of my college experience, I think of that apartment and my roommates.

6. Name some bad habits you have.

a) Moving on before a project is completed.

b) Staying up far too late.

c) Talking far too much.

d) Teasing when I probably shouldn't.

e) Getting easily distracted. (That may have something to do with the first confession . . . .)

7. Name some jobs you've had.

a) Typesetter at a printing company

b) Clerk at a lawyer's office

c) Clerk at a collection agency

d) Grant writer

e) Hospital switchboard operator

8. Name those whom you are tagging.

I'm going to break the rules (gasp!) and only officially tag two people: Stephanie and Heather. If you want to join in though, please do! And let me know so I can come and read!



Heather said...

Ok! I did it! I got all your questions answered. That was fun, thanks.


The Boyds Family said...

Thanks for playing - love your answers!!

Talk to you soon...

My Goodness said...

You know...I, too, have unfinished thanks for reminding me of another bad habit I have! :)

Loved this!