Friday, May 09, 2008

EMP: Extra-Momensory Perception

Extra-Momensory Perception (EMP) comes with the birth of a child, like a "free with purchase" offer. Like most moms, I can usually tell what my children are doing -- and whether or not they should be -- if they're in another room or even outside. When Sass and Spyder play together, they have the usual shouts and laughs that give me clues as to what's going on.

My EMP doesn't work on everyone though.

Sass has had her friend Olivia over to play today. Olivia is, er, high maintenance in a way that even Sass never has been. With Olivia, my EMP is completely shot. Olivia's happy shouts often resemble blood-curdling screams, sounds that make me drop whatever I'm doing and rush to see if an emergency room visit is in order.

So far, so good. But I'm going to keep rushing over just in case.



smalltownmom said...

Because the one time you don't rush over, you should have.

I always worry if I hear complete silence!

Yvette said...

You're going to be exhausted by the end of this day.

Best of luck!

My Goodness said...

Ha, yea, the 'eyes in the back of my head' only work on my children also.

My daughter's little friend cut another friend's hair while we were at her house the other day...yea, I didn't see it coming. Fortunately, Ella's hair was in a ponytail and not so accessible for a nice new 'do! Whew!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! See, this is why I never run. Olivia was playing today and my sister was on the phone. She said, "What the hell is HAPPENING to her?"
"Nothing, she probably found the red crayon."
When she's hurt, your EMP will be in FULL throttle- it's an unmistakeable horrendous sound!@