Saturday, May 10, 2008


Small Town Mom recently spotlighted some of her "issues"

I like patterns. For example, I prefer to wash dishes in a certain order. You can't just hand me things and expect me to wash them randomly. I have a system. And it works. Everything fits in the dishrack that way. (Although I prefer the dishwasher!)

Seems reasonable to me. Also, the earplugs that started the topic? Again, completely reasonable. I wouldn't have been able to sit through the concert with two different colors though. That's just wrong.

Lately I'm realizing that I have far more hang-ups than I ever thought, especially since I consider myself a pretty easy-going kind of person. Here is only a partial list:
  • The toilet paper must be placed in the holder with the loose tissue hanging down the front. What is up with this nonsense that some people believe it must hang down the back? They are wrong.
  • The bed is a whole issue in itself.
  • I eat one thing at a time, usually working clockwise around the plate. I've gotten a little bit less intense about that over the years, but it's still there.
  • Clothing must be put in the closet with the shirt opening facing left, pants and shirts separated.
  • I also have a certain pattern for the dishes in the dishwasher, but it's too complicated to explain.
  • I do not drink milk out of plastic cups. Milk is a glass-only beverage.
  • I alphabetize our DVD collection. I used to do this with books and CDs too, separated by genre, but our CD and book collections have outgrown the shelves. I'm working on that though.
  • I hate wearing shoes without socks. Except my Birks.
  • When I'm searching the bookshelves, I have to "look" with my left hand. I can't see the books properly if I'm not touching them with my left hand.
  • I count syllables when I'm listening to someone speak.
  • When I pay the bills I always leave the bank balance on an even whole dollar amount, even if I have to overpay a little bit to do so.
And I'll just leave it there. So now make me feel better and list a few of your hang-ups.



Dodi said...

You know, there is medication that can help you out if you get any more easy-going!

Can we call them "pet peeves" rather than "issues"? I don't feel so much like I need therapy if I only have "pet peeves"!

*I do not like wet sleeves. Ick. Especially if it is only the wrist part that is wet.

*I prefer the soap on the left side of the sink. My kitchen is not set up this way and it bugs the crap out of me on a daily basis.

*Shoes can be thrown in to a basket, but don't you dare line up the colored pencils wrong!

*Shorts and pants can be stored in the same drawer, but long and short sleeved shirts must be in different drawers.

*Dog hair on the sofa makes me itch. Not to sit on it, but to see it.

smalltownmom said...

I totally agree with you on the toilet paper. And I alphabetize the DVDs and CDs too. How do you find anything if you don't?

The Boyds Family said...

OMG!! Girl, I am laughing so hard right now.....I think you and I may have been separated at birth! I listed a few of my hang ups on my babble blog not too long ago - I have way too many to list them all though. ha!!

Thanks for the laugh! Oh, and BTW. I tagged you for a meme...hope you can play - no pressure.

It's on my babbling blog, it you want to check it out.

Talk to you soon! and Happy Mother's Day!!

rthling said...

I don't have too many issues, but my sister's OCD tendencies have rubbed off on me. I tend to buy groceries in pairs. I have to get two of everything. Two boxes of Velveeta, two jars of spaghetti sauce, you get the idea. (Doesn't apply to buying cars and big things.) But the major thing is going to check out. I have the cans together, boxes, cold items, and so on. I get all weirded out when the kids help me and it gets messed up. The only problem with my system is that when you re-load all the stuff back in the cart with the heavy stuff on bottom, you get to your car and all the light stuff that's on top ends up being on the bottom in the trunk. One day I will figure this problem out, and then I'll conquer the world. Mwahaha!

PEZmama said...

Toilet paper, and pattern for dishes in dishwashwer: agreed.

Clothing in closet and milk in a glass: agreed in theory. I definitely prefer them this way, but I don't always do it if it's too much of a hassle.

I call them quirks. Perhaps you've already read the ones I posted here. And here

Because I have a lot.

Julie said...

I call them quirks too. It makes it sound oddly endearing, don't you think? :-)

So, how come your unnatural aversion to ketchup isn't on the list?

I have most of the same quirks as you... toilet paper, eating one thing at a time, closet organization, dishwasher loading, and fondling books.

But, since you asked, here are a few more (you know I have tons of them!)

1. I tend to arrange things (clothes, scrapbook papers, etc.) by color. And not just by color, but in rainbow order.

2. Things I will go to great lengths to avoid when driving: stopping somewhere when it's on the opposite side of the highway, parallel parking, and driving in reverse.

3. When I see a misspelled word, I will correct it with my handy dandy pen. Even (or especially) if it's on a sign.

4. Large paper clips must be kept separate from small paper clips.

5. I have to eat something sweet (preferably chocolate) after each meal. This got to be a habit when I quit smoking because I used to have a cigarette after every meal.

Lisa said...

That is so funny! I'm the same way about toilet paper, but I think that is all of Moms doing. I will change it around in any bathroom, I don't care who it belongs to!!
The closet I totally agree..."Jason" gets frustrated with me because I make him redo when it's not to my standards.

Here is my big one that everyone thinks is completely insane.

I look at all magazine, catalogs, books, etc...from back to front. It's flips better for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I count syllables when I'm listening to someone speak.---ME TOOOO!
Also, I add numbers in my head endlessly throughout the day.

I skim books and magazines backwards

I won't leave the house without my sunglasses, even if I dont need them. What if I DO need them??

I can't handle hair. If I'm peeing and spot I stray one, I wipe it up before washing my hands. I hate hair so much I shave daily. I REALLY get sick from other PEOPLE's hair though.