Thursday, April 17, 2008

Traveling advice, or things I learned the hard way

Never order chili in a foreign country.

When going on an extended international vacation, it is better to pack too little than too much. If you happen to need something you didn't take, you can buy it there. If you take too much, you'll be shipping that extra suitcase (and crap therein) home within the first week.

Even when on a domestic vacation, pack light. You may be toting that suitcase half a mile to the terminal. In a blizzard.

It is unwise to go to a wine festival on your first night in Germany. You will drink too much. You may end up with a combination of jet lag and drunkenness, causing you to walk to your host's house in a manner that resembles an inept cat burglar. With your grandmother following and laughing like a maniac.

In like manner, take it easy on the free alcohol served on those international flights. Arriving with a hangover in addition to jet lag is not pretty.

Having your three-year-old son pee in a cup in the car is a Bad Idea, even if your husband insists otherwise. Even if it's nearly midnight and there is absolutely no exit on the interstate, it's still a Bad Idea. Boys do not have good aim.

Trust me on these.



My Goodness said...

hahaha!! :)
I promise to never have my son pee in a cup in the car!!

Yvette said...

LOL! These are SOOO funny!

I too promise to never let my son pee in a cup in the car...wait a minute - I don't have a son. HA!!