Sunday, April 27, 2008


Skeeter is going out of town tomorrow. He got a call tonight at about 9:30. There is a sinkhole causing troubles about 4 hours south of us, and he's going tomorrow to meet with the consulting engineer.

He has to be there at 8 am.

Did you do the math on that? Be there at 8 am. Four hours away. That poor man. I have the timer ready on the coffee pot. It will start brewing at o'dark thirty, and he'll head out.

Thankfully, packing is one of my skills. I have had loads of practice, courtesy of one of Skeeter's previous jobs. We stopped the television show we had been watching (Numb3rs -- love that show) and started in. He was packed up and ready to go in about 15 minutes, including snacks for the ride, and we sat down again to finish watching.

There are loads of things that I can't do. Or that I can do, but not particularly well. But packing? I've got skillz.



Vanessa said...

You and I are SO, somehow, related! I was once told by a close friend to place a personals ad stating I pack "quickly, neatly, without fuss or fury!" I never did, but this post sure brought back that memory.

Randi said...

With 5 kids, I am good at packing too. We always managed to fit ourselves, our luggage, snacks, drinks, blankies and pillows on road trips with no problem!

My Goodness said...

Great job!! I'm sure he counts that as a HUGE asset in you! :)

My husband is the 'Master Packer'. I set everything out and he makes it all fit. He travels so much, he has it down! In fact, he has also named himself a 'Travel Snob'! hee!

The Boyds Family said...

Masta packa!! He's lucky to have you ;)