Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our next party

Skeeter and I love having parties. That's interesting in itself because he swears he hates people. All people, doesn't matter who. And yet, he loves to have parties at our house. He is a walking, talking oxymoron, people.

At any rate, I have found the theme for the next one we have. Check out the redneck party at Sweet Tea! Oooh, they could be my neighbors, y'all!



The Boyds Family said...

Bwahahaha!! That's great.

We love having parties to - it's just fun to get a group of friends together and 'hang out'

Brighton said...

Oh I am just laughing that I inspired a theme for your party!! I can lend you my candy cigs if you want, lol!

My Goodness said...

hahaha!!! That would be a HOOT! (and a hollar, can't leave that out!)