Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spyder's Debut

Spyder performed his very first "real" magic show yesterday.

The Michael's company sponsors two programs every month at a local nursing home. One program is bingo; the other is a "birthday party" for the residents. He asked Spyder to perform for this month's birthday party program.

Spyder had a program set out that (at home) lasted about seven minutes. Michael told him before he started, "You probably ought to make it last for about five minutes. Anything over that is fine."

He performed for 25 minutes.

As anyone who has ever performed live can understand, a few things didn't go quite as he planned them. But overall, he did a pretty good job. Better than I expected, actually. He did a pretty good job at working with his mistakes too, and only one of them was serious enough that was really noticeable. He might have gotten away with the others. I'm not sure. I noticed them, but I see him do these tricks every day. And it was kind of funny to see my 9-year-old out there workin' the crowd.

It was a big day for him, and as a special surprise, Skeeter and I gave him a new magician's cloak, made by the ever-wonderful Mika. I told Mika what I wanted, and she made it happen!

Spyder was thrilled with the cloak, and it made him feel like a pro out there. He's already trying to book another gig.



Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Yay Spider! Nice blogskin, by the way. Where can I get some rick-rack?:)

My Goodness said...

How wonderful!! Way to go Spyder-man!

I'm so happy that he did well and had fun...and that cloak is perfect!

PEZmama said...

Yay for Skeeter. What a great time he must have had. And yay for the Michael for giving him his first gig.

That's good stuff.