Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Laundry Room

First, the bad news. The dryer, it is dead. The repair guy came this morning and said that the motor is going out. It's fixable . . . for $427. Considering that it's a 10-year-old dryer, probably not worth it. So now I'm on a quest for a new washer/dryer set.

But in other semi-laundry related news . . . .

Our laundry room a pretty large for a laundry room, about the size of a small bedroom. It also serves as a play area and storage for some of Sass's toys. And books. Lawzy, the books!

My children draw. And draw and draw and draw. Between the two of them, they've probably used up a small forest. So Skeeter and decided that we'd give them a wall and save a few (read: many!) trees. We painted a dry erase board on a large part of one of the walls in the room, and it's been a huge hit with the children!

And now, the photos:

Thank heavens I'm planning to repaint the whole room anyway because Skeeter decided to paint that extra rectangle. Crazy man. Anyway, when I repaint the rest of the room, I'll probably buy some sort of wainscoting to give the area dry erase area a frame.

I see that my birthday/anniversary calendar is still on February. Oops.

And just to show you the rest of the room:

The door goes out to the carport, and it's rarely used. But for when we do, the little bins are easily movable though, and not at all heavy.

It's been an excellent use of the space for us!


Vanessa said...

And very creative use of space! I love it and as a kid that would have been an amazing drawing space. You're kids are so lucky!

Good luck on the washer dryer set. About a year ago I got a Maytag set and love them. They aren't the front loading, but they are marvelous! If I remember right, they were $750?

Fresh Girl said...

My sympathies on your dearly departed dryer. :( We had to have ours replaced not too long ago, too.

What a brilliant idea that dry-erase wall was! I'm going to have to tell my mom about that -- she might want to keep it in mind for when Thomas is older. :)

Ooo, and I love that wardrobe/armoire! We used to have one fairly similar to that one, that belonged to my grandmother, but when we moved to Memphis from East TN, we couldn't fit it or a huge buffet that had belonged to my aunt on the truck, so we gave them to the people (friends of ours) who bought our house. I've regretted that ever since, especially where the wardrobe was concerned. It had the most wonderful cedar smell in it.

My Goodness said...

Great Idea!! I always thought I'd paint a chalkboard wall for the kids, but maybe the dry erase wall would not be as messy.

When we sell our house, I'm SO getting a new washer/dryer set, can't wait! :) Hope you find what you need for a great price!

The Boyds Family said...

Good luck w/ the new washer/dryer set. WOW your laundry room is rather large - great use of space, though...