Saturday, March 01, 2008

A day out

The children and I spent today at a local art museum, at a "family day" filled with crafts and science experiments centered around the works of David Macaulay.

We had initially intended for it to be a morning activity -- from about 10 am to noon -- but we found out that the the author would hold a lecture in the afternoon, so we stuck around for that.

It was so worth it! The pieces in the gallery were mostly his original works, with notes, and seeing them up close -- the lines, the detail -- was fascinating and illuminating.

His "illustrated talk" centered around two as-yet-unpublished books, where he talked about his creative process, both in the art and the story of the books. It was fascinating. I was a fan before, but now I have much more of an appreciation for his work.

The museum staff did a great job in pulling some of the concepts out of the books and putting them in real life. Here are just a few of the crafts and experiments we did.


Learning about the center of gravity:

Force and motion:

They also participated in a contest, building the tallest tower out of cardboard blocks. They each won a small prize. Spyder won a noisemaker (cleverly marketed as a "musical instrument" -- ha!) and Sass won her favorite thing ever -- bubbles! I think she used half of them before we ever got out of the gardens.

It was such an excellent day to be out. The weather was wonderfully warm and it felt like spring, a nice change from the dreary gray, rainy days we've had recently.

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Vanessa said...

Now who doesn't love bubbles? Sounds like a fabulous day!