Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am an unreasonable person


We're leaving early tomorrow for a little mini-vacation, and there is a specific book that Spyder wants to read this afternoon/tonight. (Because he's patient like his mama.)

I looked on the library site, and a branch library (not too far from us) is supposed to have it. We're not regular patrons there, but it's not terribly far. In an effort to save a useless trip in case it wasn't on the shelf, I called the library first to make certain that they actually did have it on hand.

At the beginning of the call, I said, "I checked on the library website, and you are supposed to have a copy of Gertrude Chandler Warner and the Boxcar Children. I have the library number. I just need to put it on hold so we can get it in a few minutes."

The library clerk said, "No, I don't need that" and the proceeded to take ten minutes to check the computer to see if it was listed. That's not an exaggeration. I checked the phone timer --10 minutes, 27 seconds.

Which I had told her in the first 15 seconds of my call.

After she told me that she'd found it in the computer, I said, "Yes, I know. As I said, I already looked it up on the library site." And I (politely) asked if she'd check the shelf. I was rather proud that I was polite, considering that I'd just waited ten minutes for her to give me information that I already knew. And tried to tell her.

I've worked at a library. Asking the librarian to check the shelf is not an unreasonable request. It happens all the time.

Except if you're that lady in that library. Apparently, she was doing it as a Big Favor.



The Boyds Family said...

People do not listen anymore! If they would shut their mouth and stop thinking about what they are going to say, they might actually HEAR what people are trying to tell them - who knows, they may even save everyone a little extra time.

Candy said...

No one wants to do anything anymore. "Going the extra mile" for customer service is a thing of the past. It's sad, actually.

My Goodness said...

How dare you ask her to do her job...that's J-O-B!!!

Good grief!

Kelli said...

I love all the box car children books.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

It wouldn't be amiss to mention this interchange with a library supervisor. This is not to get the specific library clerk in trouble, but the supervisor could go over policy with the staff members again and remind them of telephone protocol, blah blah blah. Those 10 minutes on the phone shouldn't have been spent looking up the book (which should have taken 10 seconds at the most-- perhaps this was someone newly aquainted to library services?) but in hunting down that paperback copy while fielding questions from patrons already in the library.